Collect and analyze your data to allow you to make data-driven decisions.
What we do
Marketing analytics
We develop and implement end-to-end web-analytics systems. Integrate Owox BI solutions for multi-channel attribution. Develop and customize ETL connectors. CRM and calltracking integration. Create perfect marketing reports and dashboards on Data Studio and Power BI.
Mobile analytics
Product analytics for web+mobile ecosystems with Mixpanel, Amplitude, Firebase. User funnels, user flow analysis. Detect bottlenecks. Generate and A/B test hypothesis. Offer solutions to increase conversion.
Complex cases
Cross-site attribution, ROPO, cohort analysis. Match users by means of loyalty programs for omnichannel (offline+online) retailers.
Goolge Analytics audit and implementation
Perform audit of current Google Analytics systems to fix flaws and provide full and reliable data. Develop specification for Enhanced Ecommerce implementaion.
Share experience
Perform online and offline training courses for your personnel. Teach how to interpret reports data to make effective decisions.
We just love to analyse data
Want to complete a sales plan?
Make reasonable decisions
Detect the growth points of your business?
Take conrol on your data

  • Accelerate decision making process
  • Help to fulfill marketing plan
  • Automate routine ETL tasks
  • Generate and test hypothesis
  • Implement KPI monitoring for web and mobile
  • Provide training and education for analysts and marketers
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