We help businesses
make data-based decisions
Achieve your marketing goals
Be aware of the Growth Points
Understand the nature of profitable actions
Solutions we implement
Marketing Analytics
— We  implement end-to-end raw data web-analytics systems
— Marketing mutichannel attribution
— Technical and Analytic consulting
— Automatic and custom cost load and other ETL tools
— Custom CRM integrations
— Create perfect marketing reports and dashboards on Data Studio and Power BI.
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Mobile Analytics
— Product analytics for web+mobile ecosystems with Mixpanel, Amplitude, Firebase.
— User funnels, user flow analysis.
— Detect bottlenecks.
— Generate and A/B test hypothesis.
— Offer solutions to increase conversion.
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Metric System Implementation
— Audit of the current metrics system.
— Developing technical specifications for the implementation of the enhanced Enhanced Ecommerce metrics system.
— Consulting services for developers and programmers.
— Implementing the Google Analytics and # nbsp metrics system; Yandex.
Metric via GTM.
— Checking the correctness and completeness of the transmitted data.
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Complex Cases
— Cross-site attribution, ROPO, cohort analysis.
— Match users by means of loyalty programs for omnichannel (offline+online) retailers.
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Sharing The Expertise
— Learn with us how to interpret data and apply it in practice to make effective decisions..
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